Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gone to the dogs....

While I was having some quality time with my chocolate lab, Bristol, earlier - and getting sneezed on - I began to think about how he is like some of the kiddos at work.  For those of you who work with children and own dogs, I hope you can appreciate this......

Top Ten Reasons Why My Dog is Like a First Grader
10.  He doesn’t turn his head to sneeze.
9.  He follows me everywhere – no room is safe.
8.  He loves attention.
7.  He never needs to go to the bathroom until it’s an emergency.
6.  He knows how to get you to give in.
5.  I get “slimed” at least once per day.
4.  He’s so much cuter when he’s sleeping.
3.  I can usually tell when he’s guilty about something.
2.  Personal space means nothing
1.  No matter how old he gets, he always wants his mommy when he’s scared.

Now this all inspired my card for today.   Isn't he adorable!

Card details:
Stamps - Toby with Gift (Wild Rose), Delightful Dogs #1 (Inky Antics)
Cardstock - white, Creamy Carmel (SU), Max & Whiskers (Basic Grey)
Accessories - copics, bone paperclips

Feel free to share any other reasons why your dog might be like a first grader!


Alison H said...

Sweet! Not just 1st graders... my 3 year old fits that too!

Julie said...

Very cute Mindy!!! I love these stamps!

JenMarie said...

Oh how CUTE is this!!!!!!!!!!!